Retrouvez-nous au salon du vélo et de la mobilité durable à Morges du 18 au 20 Mars 2016.


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Juin 2016

Navad-1000 » nonstop over 1000 km from Romanshorn to Montreux on your Mountain-Bike.

In June 2015 a new period for all Friends of real Endurance test and big Adventures began. Bikepacking has finally arrived in Switzerland.


Navad-1000 is a Bikepacking tour, so the Bikepacking movement’s traditional guidelines and code of honour apply.

The rules for Navad-100 are quite simple. The event is all about fun, a great experience and honourable and fair participation. If you can’t manage the 1000km route without any outside assistance, you’d be better off staying at home.



C'est parti! La saison des cols est lancée.